Our new game 'Quest for Cathay Kingdom', is a puzzle that will take us through a rich historical narrative, set in the 16th century at the period height of discovery and consolidation of the western civilization.
Spaniards, Portuguese, Dutch and English were all over the world exploring, commercializing and imposing their politics, religion and way of living.

Our plot is a modest fictional event based on real facts, and describes an unusual path that takes place within bigger events.
The game mixes narrative with mechanics of several 2D type MahJong, and uses board MahJong rules added to other systems, such as trading and a simple monetary economy.

The game is still in the early stages of development.
We plan to create the game page on steam in mid-December with a gameplay video and more information.
We are trying to improve our skills, focusing mainly on polishing, in order to provide a better final product and experience.
There is no estimate release date yet, but it will be in the beginning of 2022.